BeepBox Music

I used to use BeepBox a lot to make music - I haven't recently, but that's okay. Beepbox is a wonderful little tool that can be used to make chiptune style music, although it can be used for much more. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make music but doesn't know where to start - it's extremely intuitive, educational, and important it sounds good.

Here's a list of (almost) all of the music I made in BeepBox from newest to oldest, with short descriptions, and stars marking my favorites.

Lagoon - Castle Mark Philips from May 2016 - A beepbox remix of this song from Lagoon, one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. I was surprised at how simple the structure is, though. Funny what you can get from so little. I'm pretty happy with this remix despite having to change a couple of things to fit the limitations of Beepbox.

This is a Song from May 2016 - It's a mellow little jam

Song 22 Redux from May 2016 - I redid song 22 from, what, 2 years ago? It's actually in C Minor this time, a bit longe,r and with some new bits. I like it.

I Learned to Dance from a Saguaro from May 2016 - Holy crap it's been almost a year since I made a song! Here's a weird little bouncy thing that sprung from my brain in fits and starts. I like it a lot.

RPG Fight from Jul 2015 - This is a song I made for Michaela Joffe's Dream of an Acacia Tree. It's one of the few perfect games ever made, so you should check it out.

Living in a Lagoon from Jun 2015 - I started this with the bass line which I basically stole Lagoon on the SNES.

Fair Weather Creep from Apr 2015 - a mashup of Jason Reeds Fair Weather Contrafact and Radiohead's Creep.

Ode to the Theremin from Apr 2015 - A song about a lonely theremin trying to find a mate

Messy Construction from Mar 2015 - Here's me trying to corrale some weird noises into a song.

Found: One Bass Line from Mar 2015 - Another hip-hop sounding thing?

Glamorus Typos from Mar 2015 - No I don't know why I named it that either.

My Latest Masterpiece from Feb 2015 - I was going for a pop sound somehow, but it just turned out to be very minimal and kind of sad? Jummbus did a much better version of this song. It's amazing.

Sentimental Song from Jan 2015 - Somehow everything I make sounds sentimental. Or at least a lot of it does. Here's another one

Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy from Dec 2014 - made this is a christmas gift to my yoshi friend.

Zero to Nero From December 2014 - I think I showed great restraint on not making the drums into a hyperactive nightmare like i usually do

Halloween Spoooooky Scarrrryyyy - it's a scary song for your retro haunted house

Getting Into the Groove - The first song I've made in a while, as of October 2014. It's pretty funky.

Title Song - The title is obviously based on the Blacksmith song above. It's a reggae remix, I guess.

Blacksmith Song - This was the song intended for the blacksmith. It would have been the main feature of the game.

Town Song - I decided to make the soundtrack for an RPG before I made the game. Instead, I just made three songs for the game and never made the game itself. Here is one song. I spent a long time on it and I like it a lot actually.

Hip-Shaped Box - More hip hop stuff, I suppose!

The Sharpest F - Another drums heavy one. Tweet tweet noises throughout

Now Entering the Starlight Zone - This is what space sounds like when you're in a video game

Beep Till You Drop - Key changes make everything better, yes? Loud bass and pseudo hip-hop style

I Spent A Lot Of Time On These Drums So I Hope You Appreciate It - I think the title is self explanatory

It's Costanza, George Costanza - This is my remix of Tom's Diner in Beepbox - I actually really like it despite the fact that it's terribly annoying.

Sitting on a Car Hood Staring At Traffic - a little wibbly wobbly fella

Prof. Questionigma - This is a request from @Snapman_I_Am for a song resembling the intro to Dr. Quandary. It turned out rather well!

Rainbows - Short and sweet - also I cheated a little within the interface, and there are notes higher than what the software should allow. Ask me how!

Ghost Song - Why is it that ghosts can't hold a note?

Slow Burn Action Song This one starts out slow and then turns into a song about shooting the final boss in the face with nunchucks or something.

Locked and Loaded - This sounds like preparing your mech for battle in an SNES game to me.

The Bubble Song - Sounds like bubbles to me - upbeat yay

Joyfully Beepboxing - This song is happy and I like it quite a bit

It's Space Time - Trying to get some spacey sounds out of Beepbox - also this is when I started naming my songs.

Concentrate (in collaboration with Jamie Perconti - I did bits of this song: the drums, parts of the melody. Jamie made it rock.

Beepbox song 22 - A very dramatic sounding song in C Minor (I think?)

Interlude - Peggle Beepbox - A song in the style of the first Peggle song - I think it's pretty good!

Beepbox song 21 - Just a cute little thing, though the drums are really nice.

Beepbox Song 20 - I could see using this one in a game somewhere - nice action-y sort of song.

Beepbox song 19 - Threw some random notes on there, added a hyper beat and a key change, and made this song. It's surprisingly good, very fast paced and sounds like a boss fight to me.

Beepbox song 18 More experimenting with hip-hop, I like this one a lot better! One of my favorites

Beepbox song 17 This is one of my favorites - probably the catchiest thing on this page. Originally made in a 4/4 beat but switched to triples at the last second.

Beepbox song 16 Messing around with chords and beats to see how little I can put down before it sounds like a song.

Beepbox song 15 First attempt at making hip-hop beats. I like the bip-bip-bip-bip track (as @JCReed called it, check out his derivation)

Beepbox song 14 - Another cave man song - this time he's sober.

Beepbox song 13 - A cute little thing, I think of it as a casino song for some reason. It's fun and catchy.

Beepbox song 12 - Going for a serious pop sound or something. I like the melody here a lot.

Beepbox song 11 - My thought when making this was to go for the credits to a very long game - end of a journey sort of song. It came out pretty good I think! Probably the longest song on here.

Beepbox song 10 - This one is just fun to listen to - put a lot of work into the melody near the middle. One of my favorites to just jam to at work.

Beepbox song 9 - Dreary swamp music for those nights when your life seems too good. Or maybe just the theme song of a drunk caveman.

Beepbox song 8 - The sound of an NES cartridge being melted by acid while someone is still playing it.

Beepbox song 7 - My wife tells me this sounds like a Nicki Minaj song. I don't hear the resemblance, but it's a compliment to me nonetheless. Very playful and noisy.

Beepbox song 6 - establishing a pattern of having complex drums give way to thumping beats halfway through the song.

Beepbox song 5 - driving beats for serious kids

Beepbox song 4 - Trying to sound like Dan Deacon here, with lots and lots of noise that's still listenable. Turned out really good I think.

Beepbox song 3 - An attempt at something like a blues song? No idea but I like it. Good melody and gets stuck in my head occasionally.

Beepbox song 2 - Just a cute little song, happy hoppy thing.

Beepbox song 1 - First attempt at BeepBox. Kind of a neat little thing in C# that builds to a nice crescendo, and was supposed to sound like ominous blues (what?)