Oh my god there are so many sites you need to see!! I'll try to keep this somewhat organized but no promises

Places I hang out


Ostensibly a forum about video games. Realistically, my most important community and a bunch of nerds who simultaneously want to be left alone and want people to pay attention to their important ideas. We're all so exhausted and excited!! Can't recommend it enough.

My Cohost

It's like Tumblr but nobody is there. I post pictures of the moon there, sometimes. It's chill there, you should follow me.

My Tumblr

I don't post much, but I will follow you if you follow me, and I might reblog some stuff! The theme needs updating badly.

My Twitter

I barely use this but I'm around sometimes! Mostly here for posterity.

Website Makin'

Yesterlinks Directory

I found everything that I used to make this site here. It's way more comprehensive and amazing than mine, and it's helpfully tagged. Honestly just go here.

The Site I Stole My Theme From

Thank you David Heinemann, wherever you are.

A guide to client-side includes

You see that header at the top that is always the same? That is a client-side include - it sticks a bit of HTML at the top of every page based on a Javascript file. That way if I ever need to make changes, I can just change one file and it will change on all of my pages. This site taught me how to do it


I used this to make the patterns in the background and in this table. I had to fuss with them a bit anyway, but it's a great start for making some SVGs without having to buy any fancy software

A great directory of 18x18 icons used as favicons or just tiny animated gifs. I got most of the small graphics from this site (edited slightly), and used the idea for the larger icons elsewhere. See my personal collection.