I listen to music almost constantly, so it seems natural that I would also produce it!! I'm not super prolific but the stuff I've made I'm really proud of.

I'm very tool-oriented when it comes to making music, meaning that I need a really cool tool to get inspired by, and I let its limitations define the space I am playing with. I started out using something called musagi, which is a really basic chiptuney tracker that crashes a lot, but the first one I understood. Most of those tracks are unfortunately lost.

Eventually, I moved to BeepBox - see below. This is a web-based tracker that stores all of its data in the URL, meaning it's ultra-portable which rules. I love the limitations that used to exist here: 3 melody tracks, 1 drum track, very simple waves and not much in the way of post-processing. It's come a long way since then though and has way more options - it's pretty cool! I ended up using a fork of BeepBox called Jummbox for a while as well, which has even more cool options.

Currently I've been making all of my music using Bespoke Synth, which is less oriented around melodies and more around generating interesting sounds. It's not a tracker, per se, it's more like a mess of cables and modules that somehow produces cool noises. It's extremely flexible, but having the limitation of not really being able to produce long and complex melodies means that it's more about the sounds themselves being interesting.

My other main inspiration is (shocker) video game music, but I've also really learned a lot from ambient music, non-VGM chiptunes, hold music, ringtones...basically any sort of "functional" music. I love music that has a purpose other than just being a song - something that maybe lives in the background of another activity. Bringing that energy to the forefront can have some really interesting consequences.

Anyway, go listen to my music


This is probably where all my finished music will go. I've released a couple of albums on here - I'm most proud of "unusual EP" so far.


I upload a lot of miscellaneous tracks here - usually things that I've produced that aren't quite ready for Bandcamp, or just weird stuff that never makes it to an official album. This is the place to keep an eye on for the newest stuff I'm doing.

Beepbox Music

I used to use BeepBox a lot to make music. I haven't in a while, but I did collect almost all of the songs I did make on this page.