Podcasts I run:

I run or co-host 3 podcasts...sporadically.

Super Nintendo Exploration Squad

My first podcast, and longest running. Hosted by me and joined by a rotating cast of supernerds from selectbutton. We talk about Super Nintendo games at great lengths and, at this point, from a leftist perspective?? It's pretty cool, I highly recommend it.

Also on this feed is Book of Megadrive, our sibling podcast about Sega Megadrive/Genesis games! A neat counterpoint to, y'know. SNES stuff.

Pulse Wave

A Game Boy music podcast. This was weekly for a hot second but now firmly in "sporadic" territory. I listen to hundreds of game boy songs and distill it down to the best in various categories. I'm convinced this is the best collection of Game Boy music in the world.

Co-op Button

I co-host this podcast with GDMilkman AKA Matt and we talk about co-op games in 15 minutes or less. It's basically a snack!! I feel like this is super unique honestly - give it a try!

Podcasts I love:

Hinge Problems

This used to be a video games podcast hosted by some of my friends. Now it is a war movies podcast hosted by some of my friends. War Movies discussed by...leftists?? Yes, it's real(ly good). And I don't even like war movies.

Music From 100 Years Ago

This was the inspiration for Pulse Wave! A great podcast about turn of the century music - I appreciate its mixture of music and facts, and I think the host strikes a good balance between informative and Just Play The Music Please. Highly recommended.

Kill James Bond

Better than watching the films, usually. Although I hear Moonraker is pretty good.