What do I do other than run this site? Well, here's as much of a comprehensive list as I can think of! It does include some stuff linked elsewhere but I'm nothing if not thorough.

My Twitch Channel

I love streaming for my friends and anyone else who shows up! I typically play PS2 games, and my current schedule is Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 PM CST. Subject to change of course.

My Blog

I've run general writing blogs on and off for years, but it's been a while since I actually updated one. This is where I keep my writing on games, movies, shows, and any other stuff I can think of.

No Batteries Needed

My very sporadically updated Game Boy blog where I plan to eventually play every game in alphabetical order. So far I'm on track to do that by March 3rd, 2459.

This Site!

Technically this is one of my projects...and honestly I can't resist a cheesy self-referential moment. Plus I'm very keen on extremely literal documentation.

I suppose that's it for now, but as I do more stuff I'll come back and update this.