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How to use Publii to make a blog on Neocities without writing HTML

I love posting and blogging. I hate writing HTML. It's just one more layer of overhead that makes the process of writing even harder to get started on. 

But, when running a site on Neocities, you're usually stuck with HTML. This is because you can't run something like Wordpress on Neocities due to the lack of PHP support - which is intentional and good and welcome. 

However, for someone like me (who was raised by Xanga, then, then Blogger), having to copy and paste a bunch of HTML for every new entry is...just not going to work. It just makes it so I never want to maintain the site.

As someone who values Neocities but hates HTML, what I need is some sort of static site generator (i.e. HTML and Javascript only) that has a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) interface. There are a few of these for generating portfolios and the like, but the only one I was able to find specifically for blogging is Publii. And guess what? It rocks. It's what powers this blog!

The interface is great - minimal but functional. It supports drag-and-drop image uploads, which is important to me. And, it's free forever - they make their money by selling themes, which we're not going to buy. Well, unless you want to. 

Below is a basic guide to getting Publii up and running on Neocities.

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Luther: The Fallen Sun is one of the most weirdly regressive movies I've seen in a long time

I love murder mysteries an inordinate amount. Almost all of them are some form of copaganda, but I simply cannot help myself. I love a puzzle box, and I love to watch someone pick it apart in a satisfying way. And I of course love to see someone get their comeuppance.

But I'm aware that they are, ahem, problematic at the best of times. I knew this going into Luther: The Fallen Sun, though I have never watched even a second of the TV show this is based on. But it surprised me with exactly how regressive it is in one specific way.

Hella spoilers below.

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Albums A-Z #4-6

This entry features three of my very favorite albums just by chance, two of which are by the same artist! So uh, I assume we'll be hitting dryer spells at some point. I have a lot of music.

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Albums A-Z #1-3

I had this thought the other day that I haven't listened to most of my music library for a long time, and have stuck with the same 25 or so albums for a while. So I decided to listen to my ~8,000 songs in alphabetical order by album name and do a short writeup on each. Mostly because I think it's a silly idea!! So here are the first three:

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We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie

If you know me, you know I love Katamari Damacy. So it's no surprise that I bought the remake of the sequel, We Love Katamari, the day it came out. I did this knowing full well that I like it significantly less than the original because second best is still pretty good. 

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