Game Journal Jan 28 2023

I'm still playing Dragon Quest Treasures and King's Bounty but nothing new to report. But I did want to talk a bit about Hitman: World of Assassination.


I bought Hitman 3 when it was 20 bucks after they announced it was basically going to become All The Hitman, and that was a good choice. I'm not very good at it but I'm having a great time learning it. I don't have anything novel to say about the way that Hitman plays though.

Instead, I wanted to note two things: 

1. This game is gorgeous. Like, the environments are so detailed and lovingly filled in, the lighting is incredible, and even random NPCs tend to have really like...nice faces? See above. I can just wander around these environments all day.

2. The photo mode is really bad, and I sort of love it for that. It's clear that Agent 47 bought the cheapest digital camera he could find in a 7-11:

The only options are zooming and depth of field, which is pretty good for a camera that looks like that. So yeah, something about it fits in with the theme of Agent 47 being a master of incredibly stupid tools. This guy can pierce a skull from 40 feet using a screwdriver, so of course he takes amazing photos using a shitty camera.

Well, maybe he takes amazing photos. I certainly don't. Here are some highlights though:

Anyway, I've been enjoying the game tremendously. I have a tendency to get stuck on perfecting a single thing - last time I played Hitman, I didn't get past the third level because I went back to the tutorial and got frustrated trying to get all the goals. This time, I'm committed to just moving forward and doing the stupidest possible assassinations. It's working so far!

I'll share more stupid photos as I take them too.