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Game Journal Jan 28 2023

I'm still playing Dragon Quest Treasures and King's Bounty but nothing new to report. But I did want to talk a bit about Hitman: World of Assassination.

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Game Journal Jan 22 2023

Three entries this week: Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Hearts, Dishonored and Dragon Quest Treasures. I promise this is not a "Games That Start With D" blog.

Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Hearts

Hoo boy, what a weird game. 

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Delocalized

This was originally a post on, now presented here for your convenience. See the original post here.

Dragon Quest Monsters is delightful even 24 years (!) later. I’m playing with this retranslation patch, mostly because I wanted something different: 

It’s actually a really good patch though, and makes the game’s dialogue infinitely more charming.

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